Hendrix Family Legacy

The Hendrix Music Academy is a NOT FOR PROFIT charity and is not affiliated with the following FOR PROFIT companies: Experience Hendrix, LLC or Authentic Hendrix LLC. 

In 2009, Tina Hendrix, the neice of Rock Legend Jimi Hendrix, founded the Hendrix Music Academy to honor her uncle by making a difference in the lives of the under-served children from his hometown. Since then, hundreds of under-served youth of all ages have been served with free music lessons, free instruments, free healthy meals, free mentoring programs and performance opportunities.

Tina Hendrix with Hendrix Music Academy students at the Jimi Hendrix 40th Memorial Concert in Seattle.

At the Hendrix Music Academy, we teach so much more than Music! We teach AGAINST: violence, hate, crime, ignorance and poverty. We advocate FOR: arts in the community, peaceful solutions, acceptance of others, embracing diversity, encouraging education, and charity in our world.

We teach under-served youth the life skills and strategies that they need to overcome challenges, and achieve life goals. We encourage our students to continue their education, live responsibly in the world, and to help others when they are able. 

At the Hendrix Music Academy, we mentor our students to become global citizens. In order to become a true global citizen, certain aspects of global citizenship such as becoming educated and experienced as contributing citizens, must be taught. We lead by example and by the way we live our lives, and the way we conduct ourselves in public. We learn not to offend others by learning what offends others.

At-risk youth learn to give by receiving, they learn to teach by being taught, it is our goal that by giving them the support they need to reach their potential, they will in time, learn to give that support back to another person in need.

We mentor all ages of under-served youth students, from elementary school throughout the challenging teenage years, to become educated, responsible, and global contributors. They learn this technique by participating in our dynamic and charitable programs that redesigned to help At-risk Youth make progress toward reaching life-goals, such as High school completion.

We present At-risk Youth with opportunities such as helping feed the hungry with our annual fall food drive, and by volunteering and participating at the Hendrix Music Academy, or performing concerts for those who are isolated, in the mobile music academy program. At Hendrix Music Academy, our mentoring programs help turn At-risk Youth into Global citizens and Future Philanthropists.

The Hendrix Music Academy is funded by Tina Hendrix and the support of Jimi's most dedicated fans!  We rely on the fans and those who believe in free education for under-served youth to keep our programs alive. Our music teachers are fans of Jimi Hendrix and they pay tribute to their mentor by teaching the children.

We provide all of our services free of charge for the families that we serve. Many are living in poverty and cannot afford to pay tuition. We need your help! Please donate today! Thanks!